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What you will learn

What are Systems and how can we change them, making a deeper impact on the world around us, tackling problems that desperately need solutions.

How long will this take

It’s fast and flexible! Three shorts films – not even 3 minutes each – pave the way to 6 easy-to-understand worksheets to complete on your own time.

What you will accomplish

Gain perspective and insight to guide you as a social entrepreneur, discovering some valuable tools to help find the root of the problems you face.

How to kick things off

Watch the first short film and download the corresponding worksheets. These will guide you across our 3-part journey into the world of Systems Change.

Part #1

DURATION: 2.5 minute film + 3 worksheets

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Identifying deeper change

If everyone was planting trees, handing out blankets to the homeless or volunteering to pick up trash, there is no doubt the world would be a better place. But what if these problems could go away altogether, and more importantly, what if you could be a part of that solution?

In Part 1, we introduce the idea of Systems Change, and how our friend Marco digs deeper to find the root of the problem in his community.

There are many ways we can make positive change in this world, but here we start to discover how changing a system can bring long term, radical change to the problems we face.

Part #2

DURATION: 2.5 min. film + 2 worksheets

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Listen, and choose wisely

Sometimes the toughest part of finding a solution is to know where to look. But through listening, patience and keeping a humble attitude, Marco kicks off his journey of change.

We join Marco as he begins to dissect his problem and understand the systems that effect the forests. As you find more about your problem, you’ll see how different systems effect the outcomes differently.

Although all systems might be relevant and effecting your problem in a good or bad way, not every system can be changed, or needs to be changed. Marco finds the right system to implement his ideas of change, and so can you, even if it means taking smaller steps.

Part #3

DURATION: 2.5 min. film + 2 worksheets

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The 5R’s Factory at Work

You’ve come so far! Now that you have identified three main systems, it’s time to figure out one to change. But how can you change a system?

Watch Marco and Kovit as they use the 5 R’s Factory* to analyse their systems through Resources, Roles, Relationships and Rules, and see how their Results can change. This is perhaps the most challenging part, but it’s where things start becoming very practical as you see how action creates reactions within your system.

And lastly, crafting a statement of change will give you a clear goal and vision moving forward. As Marco and Kovit show us, systems can change our perspective on how you move forward to tackle the problem most important to you.

* based on a framework by USAID